L. A. Business

You’re running a business from home in Los Angeles and you love it. You love sleeping in, working in your pajamas, and not having to sit in traffic, especially Los Angeles-area traffic. On the down side, you have to wait for a customer’s check to clear before you can get paid. Plus, your competition is trying hard to grab your share of customers. So what can you do to make your customers happy?

Find More Customers

Today's Way To Pay

In today’s modern world, consumers are becoming ever more likely to use a credit or debit card to pay for transactions. If you don’t accept credit cards and you want to grow your business, it’s time to expand your customers’ payment options to make it more convenient for them to make purchases.

Get Set Up Quickly

To get started accepting credit cards in your business, you must first set up a merchant account with a bank or a third-party provider. There are several Los Angeles and Van Nuys credit card merchant services providers to choose from. These providers charge processing fees, so check them out first.

Processing Equipment

If you do business face-to-face, you can buy or lease a credit-card processing terminal. If you have a website to complete sales, you can set up an Internet payment gateway, which verifies funds in the credit-card account before allowing a purchase. A virtual terminal is also available for mobile sales.

Increase Your Sales

You’re making enough with your business to pay the bills, but are you reaching your full earning potential? Accepting credit cards may help you increase sales substantially by offering customers a quick and easy way to pay. Call your merchant service provider for full details on how to start accepting credit cards in your business. In most cases you can be set up within 48 hours.